Create Experiences That Last

Based Global is on a mission to completely reimagine the way live event ticketing works. We focus on event discovery and access to create the ultimate fan experience.

No Fraud, No Scalpers, No Bullshit

Did someone say Blockchain?

Based Global is designed to solve major pain points in ticketing: Current systems open fans up to ticket fraud, and secondary resale market scalpers/touts affecting the ability of fans to attend events and artists to make a living.

Our highly scalable protocol employs transferable digital identity and smart contracts as the building blocks of a ticketing revolution enabling revenue share in secondary ticket markets while keeping it fair and simple for fans.

Take control of the complete ticketing experience. Add any imaginable conditions such as resale rules and revenue distributions.

Get To Know Your Audience

Deep analytics of your audience allows you to target fans with relevant offers and easily promote your brand, events, and merchandise directly from the Based Global app.

Engage your audience from purchase through post-show. Gain complete control of your data to create engaging experiences and new revenue opportunities.

Know who bought and transferred tickets and see who actually attended the event.

Create A Future Proof Experience Economy

At Based Global, we think towards the future. Our token economic system offers more transparency, lower fees, extremely smart ticketing functionality and the extended benefits of web 3.0 NOW.

Step firmly into the future on the blockchain leaving legacy and status quo music industry economics behind.

Based Global thinks about the needs of the touring independent artist and venues holistically and our use of the blockchain simply allows the possibility to create more value for both artists and their audiences.

Based Global is pioneering a way to be at the center of your very own experience economy.



The Secondary Ticketing Resale Market Is Worth 12 Billion Dollars Annually


Fans Lose 2.3 Billion Dollars Annually To Ticket Fraud